Let's do life. Together

Let's do life. Together

How to Be Successful with Simply Marriage Let’s get started.

Welcome to Simply Marriage. If you’re looking for a committed relationship, you’ve come to the right place. Simply Marriage is geared towards singles with solid beliefs, aspirations and intentions -- people just like you who are ready to meet that special someone and make a meaningful commitment. If you’re serious about finding a life partner, we’re serious about helping you every step of the way. Forget swiping right and left; Simply Marriage values simplicity and results over trendy gimmicks. Through our easy to use interface and state of the art algorithm, we’re here to help you connect with other like-minded singles who are looking to get married. There are millions of people who want to get married but are afraid to admit it. Congrats on taking the first step! Your journey begins here.

Start with a great profile.

Does is matter what you write in your profile? Yes. Yes, it does. Your online dating profile is your calling card. It’s your opportunity to make a great first impression and give other singles a glimpse into who you are as a person. When creating your profile, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Make time for success.

If you want to be successful at online dating, you need to set aside time for it. This starts with your profile. Don’t rush through it or fall into the trap of writing, “I’ll fill this in later. If you’re curious about me, just ask!” If you can’t commit to writing a profile, it sends the message that you’re not ready to commit to a relationship.

Be specific.

This is your chance to shine! Instead of simply saying, “I like sports and having fun,” provide some details. What specific activities do you like? What’s fun for you? What kinds of experiences would you like to have with your meaningful other?

Be concise.

Your profile doesn’t have to be a novel. In fact, shorter and sweet is better. Try to give as much detailed info about who you are and the things you love in 2-3 paragraphs max.

Be positive.

There’s no bigger turn off than seeing a laundry list of all the things someone doesn’t want in a partner. Instead, focus on the positive and the things you are looking for. Like attracts like, so reflect those qualities in what you write about yourself. For example, if you’re looking for someone who is kind and very family focused, try something like, “Spending time with my family is really important to me and I value random acts of kindness.”

Proofread and get a second opinion

Even if you’re happy with your online dating profile, it never hurts to get a second opinion from friends or family members to see if it rings true (often, loved ones know us better than we know ourselves). Lastly, take advantage of spellcheck to make sure your profile is grammatically correct.

Choose the right photos.

Your photos are the first thing people will see. Put your best foot forward! Make sure photos are clear well-lit. People want to see your face so choose photos that are clear, bright and decent resolution (not grainy). Whether you love to hike, brew your own beer or spend time with your pets, include at least one or two photos that feature you doing the things you love.


Several studies have shown that smiling in your profile photo greatly increases your chances of someone being interested in you online. It makes sense. A smile shows that you’re friendly and approachable.

Make sure you have a few solo photos.

While one or two group shots are totally acceptable, you want to make sure that you have few photos of just yourself. The last thing you want is for people to have to guess who you are!

Avoid the bathroom mirror selfie.

There’s nothing wrong with posting a selfie or two, but try to avoid taking photos in the bathroom mirror. It’s cliched and might signal to some people that you’re not taking the process seriously. If you only have selfies, enlist the help of a friend to take a few photos of you.

Send a winning message.

So, you’ve found a couple of people that you’re potentially interested in. Now what? It’s time to send the first message! While you won’t be hard pressed to find hundreds of articles online about how to craft the perfect online dating message, there’s really only a few key points to remember.

Say more than just hello.

Similar to your profile, you’ll want to keep things short and sweet. With that said, one-word messages won’t get you very far. If you’re serious about meeting someone, you’ll want to make an effort to engage. Here’s a tried and trusted message template:
Start with a simple greeting, follow it up with a comment about their profile and end with a question. For example, “Hi there! I really like your profile and noticed you really like to travel. Where was the last place you went on vacation?” Easy. Friendly. Simple.


If you receive a message from someone that looks interesting, there’s only one thing for you to do. Reply! Preferably, you’ll want to reply to messages within 24-48 hours after receiving them. Sure, messaging people you’ve just met can be nerve wracking, but the goal is to spark conversation and hopefully, a deeper connection. You won’t find that if you play hard to get.

Tips on handling rejection.

Unfortunately, rejection is an inherent part of dating. Not everything and everyone is for you -- and that’s OK. There’s going to be people who won’t reply or share your level of interest. There’s also going to be people that you’re not interested in. This happens to everyone.
Treat people the way you’d like to be treated and think of rejection as a sign-post that’s guiding you away from the wrong people and towards the right one.

Simply Marriage – Simply the Best

You get what you put into the experience.

While it would be great if we could all meet our future significant other with little to no effort, that approach simply isn’t realistic. While Simply Marriage aims to break the traditional online dating mold by supporting you throughout the entire process, you still need to make an effort to see results. Set aside time multiple times throughout the week to look through new matches, send out messages and reply to the ones that you receive. Be consistent, engage in conversations -- and most importantly -- remember to have fun!

Simply Marriage – Simply the Best